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  videos are available

C.O.S.M.I.C. Dance Crew :

was created by three funky and versatile CSUN dancers named Liz, Nancy, and Mariko in 2009. Mainly focused on hip-hop and the funk styles, the three girls have created many entertaining and collaborative dance choreography thus far.Originally starting with just five girls, COSMIC Dance Crew has grown to include many more dancers who's dance background ranges in all styles and all levels.We welcome all dancers as long as they are dedicated and committed to a project. We truly believe in the art of collaboration in creating pieces and value all opinions (as long as they aren't rude :P). We hope this "crew" will be a home to many whether their career goals is to become a professional dancer or not!

Twisted Gypsy:

is a collaborative of American Tribal Style® dancers and drummers who love the magic and camaraderie of creating together, dancing ancient steps to folkloric rhythms in a modern format. Our dance is improvisational, a blend of countless hours of work and the sheer joy of movement in the moment.

We communicate, we share, we laugh, we grow.

Directed by Jen McDonald, a certified teacher and

Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance®


OdDancity is a modern dance company in it's early stages of life, looking to be a future nonprofit organization focusing on site specific pieces. The company is open to all body and personality shapes and sizes. Everyone has different abilities which OdDancity is here to cherish and appreciate. The company is open to performing at many venues, collaborations, and for any and all audiences. With four members located all over Los Angeles, we work anywhere from Venice Beach to North Hollywood.


* We were written up on Eric Garcetti's web page and Blog site

* We were listed in Lacityorg. site

* We were listed in Parents Connect by Nickelodeon

* We were posted on Reverbnation

* We were on google websites and all search engines

* We were plastered in and around the neighborhood


* We were Yelped about!

Here are some links to last years festival,

Marcus Lane Blues Band:

Ismael Huesca yo yo artist:

Marissa yo yo artist:

Hey You , band:

Darryl Morris, musician:

Danielo Mendes, dancer:

Lost Theory, rappers:

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