Life, fearless people, the underdog, my family.

My Materials

Acrylic, canvas, digital camera, my laptop, smart phone, fabric, soft goods.

My Design philosophy

To Share and document, a moment in time visually what words cannot express.

My art is very personal. I use my art as a way of exercising my pain & my joy and to express an opinion. I use art as a way to connect with people and to connect, people.


Every now and than. We

experience moments that we don't ever want to forget. This is my way of keeping that instant in time alive; for me to pass on, to cherish and to remember long after I fade from this world.

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My Inspiration
About Me

Mary Cheung came to America when she was 2 and grew up in San Francisco where she spent her childhood roaming the streets in all of the colorful neighborhoods. Going to American school in the mornings and Chinese school at night. Any free hours where spent helping out the family with work.

Growing up in a family of eight, money was tight and it was always a struggle.

But those were always the happiest memories of her life. “when you don’t have a lot, you make do with what you have and you use your imagination a lot.” It was evident early on that she always had a love for the arts and made and drew on anything that was available and that she could use that didn'’t costs any money. One of the first serious pieces that she painted was done on a cardstock piece of paper that was a calendar freebee give away; because it was large enough to paint something on. This served as her canvas for a few early pieces.

An avid comic book reader and fantasy genre type books; she drew many comic book style figures early as a teenager. A big fan of the funny section in the new papers; she also drew many “comic” style satires in black and white.

“I remember being so inspired by people like Berke Breathe and Calvin and Hobbs. I was awed by how they could express what they wanted to, bring their own opinions about something and still give it a humorous spin.”

What formal art training she had was just any standard courses that was available through school and a sculpture, photography class she took during summer school. Most of it was self taught.

Once when she showed her dad some newspaper style comixs she drew, her dad remarked how she could go to work for the paper, drawing comixs. I remember thinking, "…”heck no"”, I wanted a medium that will give me more freedom and no restrictions as to what I can draw, paint or write.

You will find that her art is very personal, bringing to canvas or print, things that move her deeply and always as a way of expressing a part of her soul and what she has to say that only she can express through art.

"It might not be rainbows and unicorns, but if it moves you than it has done what I have set out to do; to …stir up feelings in you."

She earned an A.A. degree from the Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising and spent her early year working in the garment industry designing and excelling at tailoring.

Answering and ad out of school for a seamstress/tailor, she ended up working on "“Return of the Living Dead”", making clothes. She was hooked; from that point on and she switched over to working in the film industry. Eventually she expanded her career to Costume Designing, aging, dying, working on the set as a costumer; all of that fulfills her creativity and financial needs. She has Costume designed many projects and won a Best Costume Design award from the NAACP.

As much as Mary enjoys working; her Children, Painting, Photography and Art will always be her first love. (and in that order..)

My Philosophy
More from the Day of the Dead inspired c
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